Three Buddhist Schools

Evolution of Buddhist Thought

Solitary TreeAn understanding of how Buddhist philosophical systems evolved allows us to see the ever-growing subtlety and refinement of view. As typically occurs both historically and logically, one school grew from another, and different views emerged gradually.

Three schools of Buddhism are briefly introduced as follows:

A PDF file entitled Evolution of Buddhist Thought covers the following areas:

      • The Three Wheels of Buddhism – Three Turnings of the Dharma Wheel
      • Buddhism in India – Three Stages
      • The Buddha’s Teachings – Three Baskets or Pitakas
      • The Four Buddhist Schools
      • Buddhism in Tibet – Two Disseminations


A PDF file entitled Four Schools of Buddhism and Four Tibetan Schools covers the following areas:

      • The Four Schools of Buddhism – Non-Mahayana and Mahayana
      • The Four Tibetan Schools – Nyingma School, Sakya School, Kagyu School, and Gelukpa School