The Vaibhashika School

Ponsietta TreeThe following study notes reflect the understanding reached by the Vaibhashika school. They are based on reading Geshe Tashi Tsering’s book, Relative Truth, Ultimate Truth (see full citation at end of document).

They cover the following:

      • The standard template for explaining philosophical schools in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries: Base, Path, and Result
      • Divisions of phenomena (existent things) – including all existent things, both within and without cyclic existence
      • The Vaibhashika view of the Two Truths
      • Conventional truth equals imputed existence


The following PDF file entitled “The Vaibhashika School” was produced by my colleague, Alejandro Garcia. He kindly granted permission to use and make available his chart. Together we studied a class entitled “The Two Truths” which was a part of the Foundation of Buddhist Thought course offered online by Jamyang Buddhist Centre in London.

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